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Welcome to the TipCMS website, created entirely using the TipCMS application.   With our Customer Managed System, content management becomes an easy task  without requiring any additional trained programmers or designers.   The TipCMS system eliminates the need  for you to understand languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP or other complex programing systems.

The Tip CMS system is a multifacited, easy-to-use and inexpensive Customer Maintained Website System. Our gifted graphic designers, using the TipCMS application, will create a competition killing, award winning, website that will enable you  to make content changes without the need to know HTML, PHP, JAVAScript or other complicated languages.

We make it simple to keep your page content fresh and up to date.  Take a look today at a few of the sites we have developed for our clients using the Tip CMS System

Our 26 years of web site design experience enables us to  to create a web site that fits your needs and promotes your business or products.  Developing it with the TipCMS system allows you to control and manage the content.

Your site will be created using the newest web techniques as seen on fortune 500 company sites without the need to employ multiple expensive staff members.   Once we have created your design,  you are then able to create and maintain pages and content including changing pictures and images, creating and maintaining photo galleries, videos, and many other exciting things.  When it it time to make a change, our support videos will help you work with any of our content display templates.

Our site designs are not cookie-cutter templates that allow you to simply add your logo and change a few colors.  Each of our designs is unique; created to meet your needs and desires and to maximize your web presence.  We work with your staff to develop a system that represents you and your business.  We train you in its use and provide training videos on the web to help when you need it.

YMCA's.  We have built multiple YMCA websites and know how to keep you in conformance with the brand requirements of the National YMCA organization.  

Many of our clients have had specialized needs for content display that require content templates that are unique.  Our programmers will work with the graphic designers to create that specialized template so that you simply need to select it and it will display your data without you creating complicated HTML Tables, DIVS or other confusing codes.   As you go through some of our client sites you will see examples like Specialized Forms and data retention,  Music Album displays,  Members lists, Child Sponsor lists, Church Sermons (audio and video)  Newsletters etc. All are done without you needing to have any database or programming experience.

After reviewing our products feel free to contact us about our special Design and Hosting Contracts.  These Contracts include hosting, domain registration, site design and the use of our TipCMS system for a low start up fee and a low monthly fee with without long  term committments.

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